Autumn Frolicks

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L.M. Montgomery

I have often considered October to be my most favorite month, and now that it is sadly over, I thought I would do a little reminiscing. A journal entry I wrote in mid-October, as part of the RAW Pages I talked about in an earlier post:

“October weather is my favorite. I love the crisp gust of wind that hits me when I walk out of a building, and I love the smell of autumn in the air. I love the trees – they are my friends. “Hello. Good to see you. Don your golden coat again, it grows chilly. Oh, Crimson suits you! Burnt orange – that’s your color.” I love walking down the street and watching the leaves fall, right before my eyes. I often wish I had my camera with me to capture that moment, but then I think that I’d better just remember it. Just yesterday I was sitting on a bench when a stray leaf fluttered right down into my hair. I try to soak up as much of the weather as I can before the chill of winter comes. October weather is an oxymoron. One never knows what to wear, for in the mornings & evenings it’s cold enough to warrant a sweater, but then the sun comes out to play and warms the earth, telling me to shed my layers and feel the warmth on my skin. Maybe that’s what the trees do, too, when they shed their leaves in order to better be caressed by the «chaleur du soleil» …




“What is a weekend?”

~ one of my favorite quotes from Downton Abbey, said by the ever-amusing Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley ~

Unfortunately, in college, we students know all too well what a weekend is.. 😉

No, mother, I don’t mean like that!! It means no homework, of course!

This past weekend was Parents’ Weekend at my university, and my lovely parental units gave me the great pleasure of popping down for a few days to catch up and treat me and my brother to some delectable food, other than from the dining hall!

It sure was nice to see their faces, and even better to spend time with them, even if it was just talking and enjoying each other’s company. I guess it’s true what they say – “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – for we *rarely* quarreled, and I was actually very happy to see them again!

Of course, what sort of visit would it be without pictures, though? I especially enjoyed having my personal photographer back 🙂 shoutout to you, Daddy! And Mother, you’ve come a long way! So here are some of my favorite snapshots.. scroll down for a bit of a style post too!

I wanted to go for a clean, black and white ensemble, so I chose the houndstooth jacket – a perfect add-on to just a t-shirt and Levi jeans. I paired it with my long black wool coat, which will really come in handy in the coming months. New booties from Steve Madden tie it together, and neutral makeup adds a final touch.

Hope you liked this post, and stay tuned for more!


This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be able to take a break from studying and hop over to Wilmington, DE to visit the Nemours Mansion and Gardens! The trip was free (!) and sponsored by the French Club, so I said to myself, “pourquoi pas?” Carpe Diem, right? The connection to France comes in the ancestry of Alfred I. DuPont, the visionary behind Nemours: his family were aristocrats in France during the reign of Louis XVI, and were “escorted” to America just before the Revolution, and established themselves as a very prominent family. Alfred built Nemours as a “modern day Versailles,” as a tribute and gift to his second wife, Alicia. However, it was his third wife, Jessie, with whom he spent most of his days at Nemours. More history of the house can be found on the official website, here. I was unfortunately only able to take a tour of the house this trip, but I will make sure to come back for the gardens, which are said to be the largest and finest formal French style gardens in America! However, the house itself was more than impressive! I felt like I had stepped back into imperial Europe – which is exactly what Alfred wanted! Enjoy the highlights below!


I read an article recently about 33 (or some odd number) of things to do right when you wake up to make your mornings more productive, happy, energized, and better!! Because let’s be real: who couldn’t use a little boost in the mornings? (I could!)

I really took some of the tips to heart, and came up with a method of meditation that can be beneficial at any point in the day! I found a beautiful little blank notebook, and resolved to “doodle” or “letter” inspiring quotes every day as way of centering myself, bringing awareness to my surroundings, and bringing happiness and peaceful contemplation to my life.

So far, I admit, I have lapsed a couple days. But I think it is more the action of doing it that matters, not when you do it, or where you do it. So when I return and set aside the time to, I feel accomplished for having done it that day and taking the time to care for my mind and spirit, not guilty because it’s been a couple days since my last one.

I encourage you all to try this! Find some quiet classical music, a pen, and get going! I love to find quotes on Pinterest or simply by Googling them. Do what makes you happy! I have included the link to the original article below, and I also recommend that for a good read!

the first of (hopefully) many
the first of (hopefully) many

30 Morning Rituals to Bring You Joy